CORONAVIRUS WARNING: Poliveil is not a certified medical device


Pol-i-veil is the original
creator of the "Spit Hood"

Pol-i-veil has been used, without incident, by medical staff, Government, Defense and Police for more than 10 years, worldwide

Pol-i-veil is a protected trade
mark of First Light Pty Limited


  • Protect: Officers, wardens, medical staff from spitting offenders.
  • Witness protection: As well as for under age offenders.
  • Duty of care: Don’t risk them slipping or tripping when you cover their heads with a towel.
  • Collect: the persons DNA.


Apply to those under arrest or already in custody and need their identity protected, or to stop them spitting.
At court or giving a testimony, witness protection.
Nuisance hospital patients.

Research has recently undertaken product research conducted by the University of New South Wales (Australia) to assess the visibility, Identity protection and prevention of SPIT transmission.

The Poliveil is a significant advantage over a “head bag/sand bags or a piece of clothing or blanket” and the Orange and Blue mask provide excellent identity protection.

police spit hood
prison spit mask

Blue Version

90% NO visibility
10% see through

spit hood

Key features:

Face area: see out, not in
Conceal persons identity
Spit prevention

spit mask

Orange Version

95% NO visibility
5% see through

spit guard

Key features:

Face area: zero transparency
Conceal persons identity
Spit prevention

spit mask in jail

White Version

98% visibility in
98% visibility out

spit shield

Key featured:

Spit prevention mechanism
Face area: see out and in
Spit prevention