prison spit mask

Blue Version

90% NO visibility
10% see through

spit hood
spit mask

Orange Version

95% NO visibility
5% see through

spit guard
spit mask in jail

White Version

98% visibility in
98% visibility out

spit shield


This provides a uniform procedure to protecting the identity of an arrested person AND protecting law enforcement from disease.

A proportionate response by Authorities to protect their people from harm.

  • Demonstrates a “duty of care” by authorities.
  • Provides anonymity from media and public (except the white variety)
  •  Police may want to conceal a persons identity for safety reasons.
  • Prison services may also want to protect inmate identity. e.g., high risk offenders, pedophiles, internal transfers for high profile inmates.
  • Protect the identity of “under aged” offenders.
  • Pol-i-veil may assist in the prevention of potential HIV transfer.
  • Collects DNA, from hair and saliva, once it has been applied.


  • Only use this product for its official intended use.
  • Make sure your are authorised to use this product in a professional capacity.
  • Use Pol-i-veil once only.
  • Do not leave the person wearing the hood, unattended, at any time.

    The white part of mask is 100% PP (Polypropylene)
    The mesh/face part of mask is 100% Polyester